Jemmax started as primarily an Engineering Solutions provider. The company proceeded to grow, propelled forward by its reputation for cost effective solutions in following sectors;

Telecommunication Services:

Since last decade, a lot has changed in telecom industry, but our mission to provide leading telecoms solutions, whilst maintaining first rate customer service and support certainly hasn’t. We remain committed to helping you, work smarter.
Specific, customized services dedicated to overcoming challenges by increasing business, operational and/or network efficiencies. Generating revenues is the key to your business; hence our network experts provide support to ensure your network is running as fast and persistent as possible.
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Industrial Automation Services:

Complete Automation is our commitment to consistently provide you with an optimum solution-whether that’s a single component or an enterprise-wide e-manufacturing system-through superior technical capabilities and end-to-end services.
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Electrical Services:

We plan, deploy and manage your Electrical needs covering project management, engineering support and Maintenance.Together with you we will develop the best individual design of equipment for you and realize it in a timely fashion.
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