Installation & Commisioning

Hardware installation and Commissioning

We have a team of experts, who can manage your newly procured hardware installation & commissioning. We dedicate this service with hardware and commissioning experts which covers various application areas in different segments such as Machine Automation, Process automation, Batch Control and Unit control, packaging and material handling control in range of industries like Chemical/Petrochemical, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Cement, food, etc.

Services include functional test and on-site configuration of control system components through full process control commissioning. Flawless installation, quality execution, cost management and safety – make Jemmax an ideal partner today and throughout the entire lifecycle of your control system equipment.

Installation and commissioning services include:

  • Inventory and inspection of specified equipment
  • System emplacement, power up, check out
  • Functional verification of system hardware and software at site
  • Client training (Optional)
  • Control tuning and sensor correlation
  • Performance verification and documentation


  • Smoother installations
  • Faster start up at lower cost
  • Improved efficiency
  • Optimized system performance

We also manage after sales and after commissioning services to assist you in maintaining your facility at higher availability and reliability. Following are our Add-On services;

  • Trouble Shooting & Maintenance
  • Shutdown support
  • On-Call services for routine maintenance, preventive maintenance and emergency break down services.
  • Industrial Training
  • Automation consultancy.